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Nature's Call 25 Updates

Hello everyone! We are so excited that you will be joining us this weekend! Please read the below information before you come! Firstly, there is a chance for some rain throughout the weekend. Make sure you bring a tarp and rain fly for your tent. Please bring extra tarps and rope if you have them so we can make rain-free zones. If the weather gets bad enough, there is an emergency shelter nearby as well as places within a 15 minute drive. We do not expect severe weather but it is better to be prepared. Secondly, ALL PLASTICS AND ALUMINUM CANS MUST BE RECYCLED. We get charged for recyclables that end up in the trash, so please be diligent this weekend when disposing of your waste. We'll have trash and recycling bags available and there will be a couple of recycling bins.

Thirdly, ALL participants must register at the registration table. $20 for camping fee, plus cash for gas and other needs, change for tolls**BRING $20 CASH TO PAY FOR THE WEEKEND** (checks are accepted but not preferred)

We will have signs directing where to go starting approximately 20 miles away from the campsite in most directions. The GPS coordinates for the campsite are 37.823255, -93.360912

Last, but not least, PACKING. This is the list from the Tulsa group that is pretty comprehensive. - BYOE (BRING YOUR OWN EVERYTHING) - Tents, hammocks, & tent accessories - Sleeping bags/pads/hammocks/etc - Pillows and blankets - Lawn Chairs because otherwise you're sitting on the ground - Swimsuit - Clothing (especially pajamas and underwear which people somehow forget often) - Water toys/floats/pool noodles/etc - Games/cards/etc - Football, frisbee, sports equipment - Bug spray - Sunscreen/sunglasses/hats/parasol (you do you) - Flashlight/lantern (the bathroom is a little bit of a walk so this will come really handy after sundown!) - Towels (We suggest separate ones for showering and the lake, but it's up to you) - Shoes, flip flops, hiking shoes if you want to explore - Toiletries and personal meds (toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, etc) - BYOB/alcohol & mixers We look forward to seeing you out there!

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