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Nature's Call Iron Chef Info and Rules

Past Iron Chef Meals

Do you have what it takes to be the next Nature's Call Iron Chef?

Get your dutch oven and your spatulas ready because the foodie event of the year is here!

Steps to compete!

  1. Get your 1 – 4 person teams ready. Cooking is to be done on fire wood. No grills allowed

  2. The teams will be responsible for providing the usual items needed for camp-outs (spices, pans, plates….) for their team (as well as plating for the judges).

  3. Teams must register by Friday, September 1st by 8 pm in order for us to pick up secret ingredients.

  4. Each team will have an entry fee of $5 (this will be to purchase the secret ingredients)

  5. Competition will take place on Sunday at 7 pm!


Must create specified number of dishes using the surprise ingredient in each - within the specified time limit.*

  • One dish must be a main dish item

  • The other dishes are team choice

  • # of dishes required may change with circumstances – (IE --storm blows up)– we’ll take what you got done already. Time limit likewise.

*Teams may barter among the other teams for additional quantities of ingredients


Teams will be judged for the following:

1. Flavor 2. Aroma

3. Texture 4. Appearance/Presentation


  • All Priests that are attending

  • Kristen Ostrowski

  • Sean Quinn

  • Matt Gipson

  • Katie Brady is in charge of the Secret Ingredient

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