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T-11 Days! Event Updates and more!

The lake is high and beautiful! Taken at NC workday!

Hello friends!!! The camping trip we have all been waiting for is only 11 days away!!!

We are so excited to host you all on the beautiful Pomme De Terre Lake on Labor Day Weekend, September 2nd through 4th!

This weekend is by far the most fun event you will have this year (and I am not even exaggerating)!

New to Nature's Call?

So you are planning on going to Nature's Call so let's lay it out what to do...

1. Find a friend (or multiple friends). Don't know anyone on our Facebook event here and I guarantee that there are other people in the same situation that would like to go with you!

2. Figure out logistics. Nature's Call is a BYOE (Bring Your Own Everything) event. Work with your group to figure out who is driving, what you would like to eat and also to drink (bring water, it gets hot out there on the lake!)

3. Go to Nature's Call! Nature's Call is a show-up and leave when you want event. This is going to be a great weekend and we welcome people to come when their schedules allow them to. We look forward to seeing you there!

4. Enjoy your weekend! This weekend is all about having fun and relaxing on a beautiful lake with hundreds of other young adult Catholics!

What to expect at Nature's Call?


1. Mass and confessions! You can't have a Catholic event without the most important thing in the world, the Sacraments! We will have 4 priests at Nature's Call and they will be very happy to hear your confession or talk to you throughout the weekend! Mass will take place every morning around 10:30 am.

2. Greased Pig! Sunday after mass! Lard covered watermelon, pool noodles and water polo rules...This is the longest-lasting and one of the best events of the weekend!

3. Iron Chef Competition! Get your cast irons and spatulas ready because the top three lucky teams are going to win prizes! This event will be on Sunday at 7 pm!

4. Band and Dance! Our gracious hosts are bringing in an amazing band Saturday evening and dancing is on the agenda! We look forward to seeing you out there with your dancing boots!

5. Catholic Beer Club Beer Garden! New to Nature's Call! Catholic Beer Club (CBC) is hosting an awesome beer garden event on Saturday evening before the Band shows up! Look forward to some beer and get ready to jam at our jam session

6. Jam Session! Every evening, we welcome everyone to bring their musical instruments and jam out with us around the main campfire, especially Sunday evening!

7. Eagle Point Cliff Diving! The Catholic Young Adult Community in Tulsa is carpooling to Eagle Point which has some amazing views and even better cliff jumping. This is a go to event!

Swimming - We are camping right on the edge of the lake so bring your bathing suit because most likely, you will be spending a good amount of time in the lake! Did we mention rafts and other inflatables to enjoy as well!

Boating - If you own a boat, kayaks, or other water equipment, feel free to bring it. Gas and docking are provided for anyone that brings boats (please contact me at by 8/30/17 so we can reserve docking space!)

Relaxing - Feel free to take a load off and relax and just enjoy the weekend! Enjoy some amazing grilled food and enjoy cracking open a cold one!

Yard Games - Corn hole, washers, horseshoes, giant jenga, etc... Bring your yard games if you have them!

Sports - Expect pickup games of Ultimate Frisbee, Slip and Slide Kickball, Football, Spike Ball, Soccer and more! We will have team color pennys that people can use as well!

What about water, showers and if you forgot anything? - Don't worry, there is a water spigot near the campsite as well as a shower facility. Also, there is a gas station a couple of miles down the road which has everything that you might need in case you forgot something.

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