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Nature's Call 29

The best camping experience on God's green earth! 

September 1st-4th, 2023

Invite your friends!

Use our FB groups to organize carpools! Click here!

Tickets will be available soon!

Mass and Confessions

You can't have a Catholic event without the most important thing in the world, the Sacraments! We typically will have 2 or more priests at Nature's Call and they will be very happy to hear your confession or talk to you throughout the weekend! Mass will take place every morning around 10:30 am. (subject to change)

Jam Sessions

Every evening, we welcome everyone to bring their musical instruments and jam out with us around the main campfire, especially Sunday evening!

Iron Chef Competition

Get your cast irons and spatulas ready because the top three lucky teams are going to win prizes Saturday evening!

Band and Dance

Every year, we get a band to play and as it so happens...dancing commences! Join us Saturday night after the cook-off for an evening of dancing and fellowship. Refreshments will be available free of charge.

Indian Point Cliff Diving

The Catholic Young Adult Community in Tulsa is carpooling to Indian Point Sunday early afternoon which has some amazing views and even better cliff jumping.


Color pennies will be available for pickup games throughout the weekend (Ultimate Frisbee, Football, and Soccer are popular). With organized competitions occurring Sunday morning and mid-afternoon.

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