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Nature's Call 25 is One Month Away!

Hello my friends and fellow campers!

The 25th Anniversary of Nature’s Call is coming up in just under a month! 4th of July is gone and past, the fireworks are exhausted and that means that one of the largest Catholic Young Adult events in the country is almost here…Friday, August 31st through Monday, September 3rd at Lake Pomme De Terre in Missouri.

Quick announcements:

  • As of today, we have 4 priests committed!!! Cabin lodging is available free of charge to men or women of the cloth. Please help recruit a few additional good men or women of the black to join us.

  • NC WORK DAY: The annual NC Workday is August 11th. It’s a time for some good old fashioned manual labor along with time for swimming and spending time with some awesome good men! Please RSVP to the FB event here.

  • VOLUNTEERS: We are in need of volunteers to help with sign in, welcoming, and organization of NC events. If you are interested in helping with the signup table or the welcome crew, click this link. If you are interested in helping out with any of the events happening throughout the weekend, email us at

  • Focus and SPO teams: What a better way to break from two weeks of all-out campus outreach craziness than to get out of town, have fun, and enjoy time with your team and cool NFF’s before finishing Fall outreach strong?!? There is no pressure, but Nature’s Call is here to serve you!

Check out our website at for almost everything you need to know about Nature’s Call. Email us with any other questions at Included are directions, information about events, and what to bring along.

Tentative Schedule!!! (Although you can do your own thing too!)

Firstly, Carpooling!!! See the FB page for carpool information! Don't see your city??? Ask your Young Adult Coordinator in your area or create your own group. Create a FB event, Meetup, Eventi, etc... and send us the information and we will share it as well!

Friday Night: 6pm...Nature's Call 25 OPENS! Feel free to show up one day earlier this year! We will be here and we may put you to work.

Saturday Morning: Meet up and convoy to Nature's Call! See Carpooling info just above. Want to make a stop on the way? Some recommended stops on the way...Make the traditional stop at Osceola Cheese Factory? Perhaps at an orchard or market? Or, just book it down to get a prime spot for your tent! A single car can get to NC25 in about 2 hours from south Kansas City so it's not too far, but we know that some campers are coming from areas a lot farther away!

Saturday Early Afternoon: First campers arrive @ NC25 and settle in (cliff/tree jumping in the lake, putting up tents, starting a fire, going boating...). Campers come and go throughout the weekend as their schedules permit. Everything is very laid back.

Saturday Late Afternoon/Early evening: Boating, dinner, swimming, killer Ultimate games or other sports, Confessions (available throughout the weekend).

Saturday Evening:

--Street Dance! Only a 5 minute walk from the camp. A DJ and Live Band will be rocking out most of the night and historically, NC takes the dance over! It is a blast!

--Jam Sessions by any musical campers (please bring instruments if you play! The music created around the fire is legendary). --15 minutes from Nature's Call is an auto racing track. Hot laps start Saturday night at 6:30pm. --Mellowing out and good conversation along with incredible star gazing (bring telescopes). --Night swimming. Don't expect to go to sleep early. The camp will be loud and a lot of fun deep into the evening on Saturday night.

Sunday Morning: Sunday Mass at the campsite at 10:30 am!

Sunday Late morning/early afternoon: Cliff Jumping from Indian Point, Greased Pig (watermelon waterpolo!), Hiking, Boating (We hope to have some water craft). Those who might have the opportunity to brings any ski boats or jet skis are EXTREMELY ENCOURAGED to look into that possibility! Your gas will be paid for all weekend.

Sunday Afternoon: More Swimming, More Boating, SPORTS.

Sunday Evening: Much the same as Saturday evening,

--The Annual Nature's Call Iron Chef Competition! (more info coming soon). Are you a campfire gourmet? Try your skill and maybe get the blue ribbon!


--Jam Sessions by any musical campers (please bring instruments if you play! The music created around the fire is legendary).

Monday Morning: Closing Mass, Cleanup, Depart (usually by 12:30pm or so). All are welcome to stop on the way back to KC with many of us and enjoy a final NC tradition: Smith's restaurant in Clinton, MO for a great brunch for the road.

This is going to a stellar weekend and I can’t wait to see you all there Friday, August 31st through Monday, September 3th!

Don’t forget to browse the Nature’s Call website at

Remember…all your friends are welcome as well! See you all Labor Day Weekend if not sooner!

In Christ,

Sean Quinn


Nature’s Call Catholic Campout

(913) 717-1260

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