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Hello, my friends!! Its time again to start gearing up for the greatest Labor Day weekend tradition in the country. Parades? Festivals? Banquets? Painfully boring compared to this. The world-famous Nature's Call 24th Campout will be Saturday, September 2nd through Monday, September 4th! Not only that, but this is the 24th Anniversary of this camp going on!

You and all of your friends are personally invited... Now, some of you are new to this Nature's Call deal, so allow me to fill you in on NC... Have you ever gone camping before? Sure you have. Well, you haven't REALLY camped until you have done it at NC. Close you eyes...or a prolonged blink. Now, imagine, a beautiful campsite nestled in the Ozarks of Missouri. A wooded area on top of the bluffs of breathtaking Lake Pomme De Terre...camping just a stone's throw from the Pomme's rejuvenating waters. A few white, cotton-like clouds float by as a bluebird sings in your ear. Temperature: 83 degrees. NOW THROW IN 100+ OLD AND NEW FRIENDS, LIVE MUSIC, BOATING, BEACHES, PRIESTS, A STREET DANCE, SACRAMENTS, FISHING, AUTO RACING, PICK-UP SPORTS, TREE-JUMPING, AND A MILLION STORIES IN THE MAKING.

This is what a Nature's Call is all about. It's a great time with incredible people. A chance to just chill out for a few days and get away from life and get a little closer to God. To help you learn more about this, On this website, there is all of the info that you could want along with dozens of pictures from past NC' .

So, mark you planners and calendars, write it on your hand, shave it into your pet. Nature's Call will be taking place SATURDAY, September 2nd THROUGH MONDAY, September 4th at Lake Pomme De Terre in Missouri. Ask any of the (literally) HUNDREDS who have attended the previous NC's...this is something you don't want to miss. People often drive hundreds of miles to attend, so there's got to be something to this, right?

For those who don't want to rough it, call (417)282-6341 ASAP for cabin info. The cabins go quick, so act now. Ask for Bob and tell him you are with Nature's Call Labor Day Camp Out.

Priests and Religious are EXTREMELY INVITED and lodging is free for them! Please pass on the invite those who you know.

Those who can bring boats and other watercraft are also EXTREMELY INVITED! Docking and gas is free.

More info will be coming over the next few weeks including...

--The return of the NC Open Golf Tournament!

--The return of the NC Iron Chef campfire cooking competition!

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